Tips to Make Good Pictures with iPhone on this Christmas Holiday

Sometimes we think that if we want to make great photos we need to have the best camera. However, nowadays, with the smartphones just like iPhone, we also can make good pictures. On this 2014 Christmas holiday, you may plan to record the most beautiful moments by taking lots of pictures with your family, and friends. So in this post we bring you some tips that you take the most of your Apple Devices (iPhone , iPad and iPod touch).

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Tips below for making great pictures with the iPhone on Christmas Holidays

The iPhone camera always ready

Many people forget that you can access the iPhone camera with two simple gestures: push the start button and swipe up your finger over the camera icon that appears on the lock screen. Sometimes this can be vital to capture the perfect moment, that you are not going to repeat again, for example, as we said before the illusion of a child when opening a gift.

Directs and placed the family in an original way

When it is proposed that a group photo people, most of the time, usually aligned in a row or two and the person making the picture you have to go back to try throwing everyone out portrayed. Well, this year you have the iPhone in hand ready to take the snapshot feel like a pro and puts the family in an original way, for example through the heights. The place is also important, next to the Christmas tree (provided there is good light), around a large sofa or in a makeshift Christmas photo call with a cloth and some lights.

Once you have located all comes closer as possible without having to use the zoom, since the iPhone has a digital zoom increases the size of the pixel, so that the images have slightly less quality.

With flash or no flash? That is the question

Personally I favor using the flash when it is absolutely essential, since the natural environment gives a much nicer touch to photos, and Christmas even further. So while the iPhone comes with a LED flash is not recommended to use in low light, but as fill light when you want to illuminate objects in the foreground when the background is bright.

Use the options offered by the iPhone camera

Many times we just take the iPhone, open the camera, tap the screen to focus and shoot. Now with iOS 8 Apple has included a useful function that adjusts the image exposure before taking it.

When you click on the iPhone screen beside the focus frame a sun appears. If you slide your finger up or down the exposure varies, which can be very useful when offering the smartphone ends of not being sought. On the other hand, you can also lock the exposure and focus by holding your finger on where we want to focus and watch a yellow bar appears with the text “AE / AF”.

Place the iPhone somewhere and forget about it

Unless you want to appear in family photos this Christmas through selfish, you have the ability to use various features offered by the iPhone. One is placing the smartphone in a stable site or use a tripod and mode timer included in iOS 8.

Another new feature of iOS also 8 is the Time Lapse mode; with which you can leave your iPhone in one place and let it take screenshots of what is happening.

Use other camera apps

Although iOS 8 offers several options to manage manually in the iPhone camera in the App Store are other applications that control more deeply some factors such as ISO, shutter speed and white balance. Examples are VSCO Cam, Blux Camera or Camera +, although there is a wide variety.

Try to capture real moments

Finally, from MacWorld advise against making now, but try to capture those real and happen spontaneously. So many times we would appreciate to have on hand a device like the iPhone, which has a camera that offers great value, not to miss any time.

Hopefully these tips will help serve this Christmas and make beautiful pictures.



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