Using iCloud Drive Files on iPhone or iPad

With the advent of OS X Yosemite circle that would allow us to create files on a Mac and be able to stay in the iCloud, most notably as the Cupertino have called iCloud Drive was closed. Thus, from the OS X suffice to open a Finder window and select in the left sidebar item iCloud Drive to locate files of any format into Apple’s cloud.

All users have awaited this action for a long time and that is why the Cupertino even improved prices of iCloud space for anyone to have more space for a more affordable price.

However, many of us have realized that once we have the files in iCloud Drive, if we access them from our iDevice, either an iPhone or an iPad, this is not possible, for now, under the skirts of Apple. The fact that this action can not be done in the iOS system 8 itself does not mean we can not do it in any way and there is one application of an external developer Apple has implemented to access files that have lodged in iCloud Drive with our iPhone or iPad, thereby leveraging much having that extra space in the cloud of Apple.

The steps you have to follow to access iCloud Drive files from your iPad or iPhone are:

  • The first thing you should do is entering the App Store and download an application that is free and is called Documents in May.
  • Once installed, you will see that you will be able to register multiple services cloud storage like Dropbox or iCloud OneDrive Drive, among others.
  • Once inside the application, if you click on the top left of the word iCloud drive, you will instantly display all the files you have in the cloud.

You see, this is a very good option to have a file manager that is in the cloud iCloud.


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