21 Tips for Saving Battery on iPhone with iOS 8

With iOS 8, iOS 8.1.2 and feature iOS 8.2, the revolution started a year ago for iOS 7 is completed, adding new features. However these new features can decrease battery life, especially the old iPhone 4/4S updated to the new iOS 8.1.1 or iOS 8.1.2. Below you can see a number of tips and tricks to save battery on your iPhone with iOS 8.

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  1. Disable The Frequent Locations And Share Location

Your iPhone with iOS 8 goes beyond storing location records wherever you go in order to organize that information to help you, especially if you visit these sites regularly.

While it is one, though not absolutely necessary, useful feature deactivation saves some battery.

To disable common locations, again entered Settings> Privacy> Location Services> System and then turns the frequent locations option.

Similarly, and for the same reasons, it is also advisable to disable location sharing option that allows your friends and family know at all times on where you are.

  1. Do Not Wait For The Terminal Lock Automatically

Reduce the waiting time for the iPhone lock automatically can help conserve battery life on iOS in August considerably.

When we left the smartphone somewhere, may be a minute, two or even longer, without the screen turns off. This means the screen without being actively using mobile, can be consuming a large percentage of the battery.

Therefore it is best to go into Settings> General> Auto-Lock and then reduce the waiting time to lock the screen to a minimum.

Also used to lock the iPhone when you finish your steps without waiting for the automatic shutdown of the iPhone battery save both iOS 8.

  1. Avoid Unnecessary Searches In Spotlight

The   Spotlight search maintaining high update all information has been collected on the iPhone. A good setting for this feature saves battery on iOS in August.

Although this function does not require high performance and not one of the features that iOS battery consumes 8 if configured correctly will notice an improvement in battery life on iPhone.

You can select which areas of your phone must have Spotlight note to show results through its control via Settings> General> Spotlight Search.

In your hands is deciding Quu search results you want the function iOS 8 show you.

  1. Blocks Unwanted Incoming Calls

If there is something you spend more battery to keep your iPhone screen on, those are the phone calls, even if they are not accepted.

At one time or another will have been repeated calls from an unknown number, which as a rule are usually different telephone operators who are eager to gain your trust by offering you the best deals in the whole world.

If a number keeps calling you, you will see as your phone battery decreases rapidly, so the best option is to block.

To do this, enter new under Settings> Phone> Blocked menu. This section is where we enter that number so annoying that continues to call.

  1. Disables Unnecessary Notifications

Notifications alone are not the cause of the battery drain, but if the act of lighting the screen to consult them as they arrive in our phone.

It is therefore appropriate to configure some notifications in “silent” mode.

To do this go to Settings> Notifications. Then, within each application you would like to silence, you must select the indicated adjustment (most recommended is, in the style of the alerts, leave marked Nada).

If you prefer, you can also activate the do not disturb mode from the Control Center to quickly turn off the notifications.

  1. Avoid Using Mobile Data Downloads From iTunes

Your collection of content purchased through iTunes or the App Store downloads can be expanded via OTA, but downloading via a cellular data network may drain the battery life, especially if it has a large number of applications.

Therefore, and in order to save battery on your iPhone with iOS 8 is the best go to Settings> iTunes and App Store and uncheck the option to use mobile data.

This implies no more sacrifice to make your applications are only updated when you are connected to a WiFi, faster, and reduces battery drain network.

  1. Alterna Bluetooth And Wi-Fi, And Use Airplane Mode

Internet access through a wireless network uses less battery that access to network via a data network, but is also one of the culprits drain the battery faster than desired. Therefore, if you are not near a Wi-Fi hotspot, it’s best to turn it off.

Similarly and as with other operating systems, disable the Bluetooth always that you will not use it.

Doing so is as simple as deploying iOS Control Center 8 and uncheck control Wi-Fi (second icon from the left) and the Bluetooth button (middle icon).

The use of airplane mode can facilitate real-saving battery power when you’re indoors or in areas of poor coverage. This prevents the iPhone are kept constantly in search of signal and waste energy unnecessarily.

  1. Sets Receiving Email

The way you receive email can also reduce battery life. Updating the mailbox varies from 5 minutes to the hour and as this refresh the battery performance will be affected in one way or another.

A known trick to   Battery saving on iOS 8 is to select the manual update within the settings in the email section and, once inside, configure obtain data.

  1. Adjusts Screen Brightness

Adjust brightness options of the terminal is one of the first lines in the Decalogue of how to save battery on any device.

iPhone would expect, so if your primary goal is to improve energy management phone, you should adjust the display brightness.

Moreover, it is quite common that after an update, we had set the brightness suffer any changes, so it is convenient to adjust from time to time.

You can access the brightness setting sliding up from anywhere with the Control Center or directly entering the display settings.

  1. Disables The Parallax Backgrounds

Last year, with iOS 7 became terminals Apple one of the most striking features new firmware brand: advanced motion and three-dimensional effects on the screen.

Despite the resulting aesthetic, dynamic disable these funds is also a trick to save battery on your iPhone with iOS 8.

This option is somewhat hidden: To turn enters the application Settings, select the General Settings, and within the accessibility tab should check the function of reducing movement.

This will disable the attractive funds parallax and increase battery performance of the device.

  1. No Use Dynamic Wallpaper

Another commandments of battery consumption is that if something moves, the more energy required.

iOS 8, ​​like its predecessor, it also integrates dynamic wallpaper that changes based on hand movements, like bubbles floating around the screen depending on the way you hold your iPhone.

These funds will consume much more power than funds static display, so its use is more than discouraged.

To select a wallpaper motionless go to Settings> Wallpaper and select a new wallpaper, either of which provides the system or photograph reel iPhone.

  1. Removes Applications That Use Less

With so many helpful, curious and free applications to test at the terminals of Apple, it is not surprising that many of them end up taking up space on the home screen and while consuming power to your iPhone or iPad.

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With each application that installs the possibility that the phone for updates to it in the background, in addition to running placement options and notification services always appears.

The sensible thing is to select the least-used applications and remove, and configure the services you have access to that decide to leave your phone installed in order to save battery on your iPhone with iOS 8.

  1. Best Silently Vibrating

The vibrations are useful to detect, especially when working in noisy environments, when you receive a notification or a call on your iPhone. However, this little engine that generates vibrations in the device consumes more power than you might think at first.

Like most things, this option can also be canceled from Apple terminal configuration.

To log out completely have to enter the sound settings and select whether to enable vibration when the phone rings, or receive a message, risking to suffer more battery power, or if, instead, you prefer to disable it and enjoy fully complete a silent mode.

  1. Do Not Close Any Open Applications (With Exceptions)

Ago we discovered, innocent of us, months, how wrong we were to think that in iOS, the more applications are running, the more work the processor and consume more battery power.

Today we know that Apple’s mobile operating system works differently than the other way, so   if you want to save battery on your iPhone with iOS 8, ​​you should not close the apps.

Frozen iOS apps so they are ready as access them again, but this does not happen with applications that use location services, audio recording, inbound VoIP services such as Skype, or music application calls; so this kind of apps if they closed to lengthen the battery of your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Disable Automatic Updates

8 IOS is possible to   update application data in the background on what is known as multitasking. Located in the general section of the configuration, you can select which individual applications can update their data.

Automatic download of content also consumed in excess battery. You may have purchased a song on your Mac or available an update for any of the applications downloaded through iTunes, but that does not always mean you want to apply to your device.

Automatic download configuration is within settings   iTunes App Store and from there you can choose to run automatic downloads on your terminal.

A little trick to save battery on your iPhone with iOS 8.

  1. Do Not Send Your Diagnostic Use Apple

Nobody doubts that the diagnostic data can be very useful for Apple, but can greatly increase battery consumption by sending data over the mobile network.

To disable this, go to Settings> Privacy> Diagnosis and Use, select the option of not sending data.

  1. Locate The Apps That Consume More Battery Power

iOS 8 includes a new menu where you can see statistics about battery usage of different applications installed on the terminal.

To access them you will have to enter the settings on your iPhone or iPad and open the General menu. After entering and immediately use in battery usage.

Once in the menu using the battery, iOS shows the general statistics of the battery since last charge and a list of ranked by the amount of battery you are using applications. This way you can see at a glance which apps consume more battery iOS 8 and decide what to do with them.

Besides the battery percentage consuming, you can also see a bit of contextual information on how applications are using the battery.

  1. Keep A Stable Temperature

Almost Above all, keep your iPhone or iPad and its internal battery where not suffer sudden temperature changes, is what will save more energy in the device.

The hotter it is the iPhone, the faster the battery will drain itself. For this reason, it is sometimes better to keep the phone in your pocket or purse.

As recommended by the manufacturers of smartphones, the ideal is that smartphones are maintained at a temperature of about 32 degrees.

We have seen cases in which a sheath or wrong casing have caused overheating in the terminal, so you should always choose accessories and cases carefully.

  1. Software Upgrade

Although many users indicate that the latest version of iOS adversely affects the battery life of your iPhone or iPad, as a rule software updates often end with management problems enrage terminal form.

Therefore, you should make sure to download the latest updates for iOS 8, ​​since Apple engineers are always trying new ways to improve energy management.

As always, these updates can be performed by connecting the iPhone to iTunes or via OTA.

Updates to the apps installed on your device typically also include a lower consumption of energy resources terminal.

  1. Buy An Extra Battery

The housings with integrated battery are a good way to increase rather than save battery on your iPhone.

These housings add a second battery to extend the useful life of your iPhone, provided that the increase in weight and thickness terminal do not pose a serious problem

Another option, more or less comfortable according to each user is to use a portable external battery, and connect via USB cable to iPhone.

  1. Goodbye Siri

Siri is one of the most attractive features for iPhone owners. As famous has made guest appearances have success as “Big Bang Theory” and has inspired more than a film director in carrying out various successful films.

However, although neither eat or drink, Siri if that makes great use of the device battery so often if you do not use the personal assistant of iOS, it’s best to disable it in order to save battery life on iOS in August.

You can access the configuration panel Siri from the Settings> General> Siri menu.

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Resource: http://computerhoy.com/listas/software/21-trucos-ahorrar-bateria-iphone-ios-8-18761

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