10 Ways to Keep Your Data Safe on iPhone and iPad with iOS 8

Technology has invaded our lives and it’s much of our day. We go from home to work and from work to home and we need our data is available wherever we are. We have our synchronized information on many sites and keep it safe is a major issue. Privacy is not an issue to be taken lightly and so I will give some tips for keeping your data safe on iPhone and iPad with iOS 8.

Most applications we use on iPhone or iPad have access to our location and data. They are stored in external servers that do not know who can access and have to be very careful with this. Luckily, Apple offers the possibility to configure which app has access to what in iOS 8 we saw as the proper Tim Cook takes this issue very seriously. Let’s see how to safeguard our privacy with the 1st simple options.

Configuring Access applications and data to our location in iOS 8

Many of our iPhone apps have access to our location, which allows offering personalized content while we work on our terminal. This option causes the entire user experience wins but be careful while selecting the utilities have access to our location. Some other apps will access our data, such as contacts or camera. So we need do something to protect our data safe, below we provide you 10 tips, which may be useful for you.

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Customize Location Services

  1. If we go into Settings> Privacy> Location we can disable location services throughout the terminal. This is useful for example to stop this type of metadata include in our photographs, but with snapshots taken and nothing to do.
  2. Now we access Settings> Privacy> Location> Share my location. This feature of iOS 8 l and allows our contacts know where we are through the application and Search messages to friends. Within this screen people who can access this information appear.
  3. We can also configure access to our location in each application separately, so we can simply disable this service only for the apps you want. If we go into Settings> Privacy> Location and scroll down we’ll see what applications access our location and when.
  4. Within the setup menu will see a section called Location System services. Here, disabling the option ads by location, avoid our iPhone show us based on where we find ourselves yet. This does not disable the ads.
  5. Finally, in the same menu as mentioned above, we can see other services accessing our location and we can cancel our own discretion.

Keep Our Data Safely

  1. Entering the Privacy menu see all the services of our iPhone or iPad. If you click on any of them see what applications are allowed to access. Of course we can restrict the use of these resources for the application you want.
  2. Within the same section we walked in the previous paragraph will see a section called Advertising. Disabling the Limit Ad Tracking avoid our iOS device 8 show us personalized ads. We can erase all data that has been keeping our iPhone clicking on Reset ID advertising.
  3. Now let Diagnosis function and use. This serves to Apple to receive feedback from all errors that occur in our iPhone with iOS 8. As we can see, this diagnosis is automatically sent every so often, sending some of our data Cupertino’s servers. We can not send off by selecting.
  4. We have seen some settings Safari. Now we will show two to ensure your privacy. In the Settings> Safari menu we check the box No trace. So our iPhone browser does not collect our data, though it will stop offering personalized content.
  5. Finally, and again in the Safari menu, you can change the search engine and set as default DuckDuckGo. This engine is included in iOS 8 and maximum respect our privacy.

We got these 10 options from iPhoneFAQ and we think they will be useful to make the data on our iPhone and iPad with iOS 8 much safer.

Resource: http://www.ipadizate.es/2014/12/21/mantener-privacidad-iphone-ipad-ios-8-126984/

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