Apple Deleted Songs from The iPod Without Telling Users

As reported in the Wall Street Journal, Apple has deleted some music from iPod, which was acquired by competing services, between 2007 and 2009, without being communicated with its users. This was the statement made by the lawyers of an antitrust class action, which will inform a few days ago.

According to the applicant, when a user tried to synchronize what was downloaded from a rival to the iPod via iTunes service, the device showed an error message and gave instructions to the factory settings are restored. After restoration, the music from rival services disappeared, not being communicated these changes to the user.

Apple has not stood there and has responded to these accusations on erasing audio files, citing security concerns. According to the testimony of his safety director, Augustin Farrugia said the company did not want to give too much information to its users and did not want to confuse them. He also acknowledged that hackers with nicknames Requiem DVD Jon and Apple had made”very paranoid” about protecting the iPod.

Eddy Cue submitted an email showing concern jobs on the theme of “hacking” of the iPod, and is expected to testify next to Phil Schiller, head of marketing for Apple, next week, which will show the video from 2011 that will “Declaration” of Steve Jobs in the process.

Due to allegations of monopoly and abuse of that position, which were already explained in our previous article, the plaintiffs demanded $350 million for the losses generated in the previous decade, due to the exclusivity of the iPod to use iTunes, which Apple allowed to inflate the prices of their players in order to maximize profits, and thus defeat competition devices offered more competitive prices.

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