Private Photos in iCloud were Stolen, is Data Safe in iCloud?

ICloud vulnerability was demonstrated by the latest scandal of private photos stolen famous. Now, although many improvements Apple have done, there are still guys can overcome them and access the data in the cloud.

The iCloud has its advantages and disadvantages, especially in regard to safety and potential data theft if the company responsible for protecting their servers does not take security seriously. The filtration of compromising photos of famous was a clear example of how relatively easy it was possible to access data even been deleted iPhones and iPads long. Those affected were famous transcend made the news in the press, but it is unknown how many anonymous users have been victims of this type of theft without realizing it.

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While Apple said at the time that was not your fault, the reality is that the system which fosters iCloud manages data may happen. The worst is that Apple, far from accepting his responsibility, said its servers had not been attacked or had suffered any security breach. Of course, while trying to cure “trifles” as that could be used brute force to get passwords and introduced the two-factor authentication as fundamental.

However, the improvements introduced by Apple, but closed the possibility of accessing the same way as the Russian company Elcomsoft have exceeded thanks to changes in your Phone Breaker software. The software allows you to search computers binary codes used for authentication, which along with the Apple ID and password, which can be obtained by other methods, can overcome the two-factor authentication fully and without the user knowing.

Furthermore, Phone Breaker allows you to analyze the content in iCloud and download only what is of interest to the assailant. We speak not only of pictures, videos and messages, but now WhatsApp chats, iWork documents and possibly following other techniques to Snapchat messages that never disappear entirely smartphone.

Elcomsoft has a “legitimate” reason to develop this software because it is supposedly created for security agencies, but the reality is that anyone can do with it.


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