Restore Error Problem about iPhone 6 Plus

Question: Unfortunately, I carelessly make my new iPhone 6 plus out of my hand and dropped to the floor. I can’t turn this iPhone on now. So I use iCloud to restore it. But it jumped out an alert Restore Errors – I failed to restore my iPhone. And people around me told, “It is bricked”. What can I do to get back my iPhone 6?

You‘d better to catch the error number when iCloud Restore. And it will help you to determine the next step to solve this Restore Error problem.

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A. If no error number was displayed, follow steps below, which may be helpful for you.

  1. Install the latest version of iTunes on Mac or PC.
  2. Update your Mac and PC software.
  3. Update, change, disable, or uninstall security software that’s causing an issue.
  4. Keep only your iOS device, keyboard, and mouse plugged in directly to your computer.
  5. Restart your computer and your device.
  6. Update or restore your iOS device again and again.

B. If there was an error number your iPhone 6 plus showed you after fail to restore with iCloud. Apple actually has provided the steps based on what number is displayed on your iPhone 6 Plus. Just search the number.Link below may be helpful to you.

C. Of course the issues below will make you use iCloud to restore your iPhone 6 plus fail:

  1. Bad network
  2. Security software don’t permit
  3. USB connection problem
  4. Hardware don’t support
  5. Software isn’t the latest

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