5 Useful Functions about iOS 8

Surely many of our readers already know from A to Z features included in iOS 8. Although the operating system takes only a few months on the market, and we have succeeded new versions that qualify him improve it or get certain devices oldest obtain better performance under the same dynamic. However, with everything new that brought iOS 8 there are things that can be used for much more than I would have thought at first, and others, which you probably have not given their importance. Precisely why today we will refer to the most useful accessibility features iOS 8.

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Surely you’ve already tried any of them, or may be of accessibility in paragraph does not call much attention and pass go investigate what has been again. In that case, you might get surprised. Anyway, I think all will be a change after seeing this 5 functions useful accessibility in iOS 8 and is none other than to give more importance to this section that usually goes unnoticed by most. Do we spend on them?

Zoom lens

The zoom is one of the basic features of accessibility menu. Although iOS 8 reached some very interesting changes thereto. For example, you can set that when zooming, the screen always shows a low or high brightness, as you prefer. For establish low gloss, could tell you the really useful when you want to view in detail a document or text in a movie theater or in a dark environment, but do not want a lot of light is emitted. The opposite option has its pros. The important thing is that you can choose between them.

Voice Over for alerts

Surely the fact of speaking to the terminal, and it speaks to us not the feature that we intend to capitalize on all the time. But sometimes it can become really useful. For example, when you use your phone to listen to music with headphones, and do not want to miss notifications or alerts of applications, it is best to activate the voice over. He read for you what happens on the phone, and you can stand to see what happens if you deem appropriate for what the wizard is vital.

Access guided

It is a way that you can activate from Accessibility, which is perfect for leave for a certain period the iPhone to someone, for example, a child who does not want to give access to the complete, but only to an app or certain actions.

Notification light

Although by default the light notifications are not a feature of the iPhone, yes you can take advantage of them to Accessibility function and flash. Thus, the flash of your camera warning will help you when you have the device in silence, or whatever reason, do not want to activate vibration.

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Speak Screen in mails and documents

Something similar to what we explained about Voice Over, but in this case for conversations, documents and mails. If you have your headphones on, and do not want to read the display, you can order this feature accessibility to do it for you, and find out in this way the message content.

Resource: http://www.actualidadiphone.com/2014/12/04/5-funciones-de-accesibilidad-muy-utiles-en-ios-8/


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