WiFi and Bluetooth Problems on iPhone with iOS 8.1.1

Apple launched iOS in August last September and have since released a total of four updates. The latter has been iOS 8.1.1, a focused version fix bugs and improve the performance of the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 . For some users, the update has not achieved any of the two objectives, in fact has been the opposite. Problems with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are standard on all versions from iOS 8 a greater extent than others. The official forum of Apple is hot with messages from users that can not connect to a Wi-Fi network after upgrade. For now, the company has offered no solution, but we expect a patch as an upgrade soon. There is no foolproof solution, and what works for some users might not work for others depending on the configuration. In any case, there are some tips that can rectify faults Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on iOS 8.1.1.

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Wi-Fi problems on iOS 8.1.1

Many users are complaining that the Wi-Fi connection on your iPhone , iPad or iPod Touch with iOS 8.1.1 does not work, preventing connection to certain networks and, in some cases, to all. The first possible solution is to bypass the network you are trying to connect and re-type the password. So we’re going to Settings – Wi-Fi and click the blue information icon on the right side. Then select the Ignore network option and try to connect again.

If this method does not work, reset the network settings may provide better results. We headed to the Settings menu – General and down until you find the Reset option. Within this menu are reset network settings. This function leaves the factory settings, but only connections. That is, you lose all you had stored passwords WiFi and other features such as VPN connections. To reset these settings you need to enter the security code team.

As we said, Apple has offered no solution but a developer of Jailbreak itself has. If you have installed the Jailbreak Taig which came just days ago , you can download the application WiFriend, it disables an AirDrop feature that interferes with the Wi-Fi connection, according to its creator. The application is free and is in Cydia , specifically in the ModMyi repository.

Bluetooth problems on iOS 8.1.1

The Bluetooth connection cannot escape from mistakes. Again, there is no foolproof pending that Apple would tackle the problem. The first and most logical thing to do is turn off and turn on the Bluetooth connection from the Control Center. If the problem persists can try restarting the device. If still we still can use the connection, the only option that can fix is a reset all settings are done from General. – Reset -. Reset Settings This tool erases all modifications we had applied in the setup menu and left as they were when we took the computer out of the box, but not delete photos or other data.

Resource: http://www.tusequipos.com/2014/12/02/como-solucionar-los-problemas-de-wifi-y-bluetooth-en-el-iphone-con-ios-8-1-1/

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