iMessage Problem after Updating to iOS 8.1.1

After the release of iOS 8.1.1 came a few hours ago, all users were going crazy and want to try this new operation system from Apple, which in any case as you know closes the doors to jailbreak, we were with a number of users reported problems about the messaging system of iOS 8.1.1 – iMessage. The bugs were related to the platform on total service failure, or inability showing some users can send or read messages you sent them your contacts.

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Indeed, precisely because of the coincidence in time, it was thought that the failure could have caused iOS 8.1.1, but it was not. The error, users reported that they had not upgraded to the new version, and it just seemed that both events were just a coincidence, but were not related. The worst part was that when some users are able to check the control panel iMessage, Apple had detected no error, so they were alone with the inability to use the tool.

Precisely because of the fact that Apple has not given any statement, nor the problem of fall or failure in sending or receiving nowhere appears, he has to think that it was a temporary situation. However, no official explanation, and we do not know if iMessage is back to everyone, or if there are still who are suffering problems with the tool. Probably if messages on the subject are not sent, things will stay in a temporary bug no more. But if they continue, are likely to have an official message, or a way to solve it within hours. Have you noticed any problems with iMessage or you still noticing lack of connection or just drop the app now?


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