The iPhone 6 Front Camera Problem

The iPhone 6 is one of the best terminals in the market but gradually new problems that do nothing but cause distrust are appearing. After scandals known as bendgate who claimed that the iPhone 6 Plus bent with astonishing ease, has now come to light a new default, this time related to the front camera. Unfortunately this is not an isolated but hundreds of users of this smartphone have already begun to complain and throw their complaints to Internet, particularly on some platforms like Reddit.

As documented in affected misaligned front camera and seems to move your site -of inside lightly, yes- off center space that exists in the front glass to take pictures. As can be seen in the picture, there is a perceptible gray area on the right side, so it appears that the camera moves to the left.

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More than 150 comments on the problem in just hours

A Reddit thread called ” Is your iPhone 6 front-facing camera misaligned?”, something like “Is the front camera of your iPhone 6 misaligned” currently has over 150 comments Replies have a common denominator. ” My iPhone also has the same problem. “Of course, as indicated by the users themselves, this defect is more aesthetic than anything else at least for now, because in reality this misalignment has no real impact in pictures are taken with the front camera, so no need to order the change of the device.

However, Reddit is not the only place you have visited those affected. Websites that specialize in Apple and others like iFixit, specializing in solving problems of virtually all-current devices portal have seen the problem has begun to fill their comment sections. As indicated by Business Insider, Apple seems to be aware of the misalignment of the camera. Customers have also reported that the company has offered replacements iPhone 6 to all those who have come to an Apple Store and have noted that suffer from this defect known as “gray crescent” (#crescentgate).

On the other hand, a Reddit user who claims to work in an Apple store has commented that Apple has not yet discovered what is causing the problem, so we’ll wait a few days to see what finally happens.


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