How To Activate / Deactivate Call On Your iPad with iOS 8

Surely you have been more than once you’re working with your iPad or your Mac computer and do not have the iPhone on hand to take calls received. It is clear that to improve memory not forget your iPhone would solve the problem, but for the clueless Apple has created the Continuity function.

With the release of iOS has reached 8 Continuity, which allows you to receive calls on your iPhone, other Apple devices such as your iPad or iMac. Just stay connected to both devices to the same WiFi network with the same Apple ID.

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Maybe many of you would have been surprised to receive calls on your iPad, that’s because the activation of the Continuity function comes by default with iOS 8.

So far we have talked about much, you forget the iPhone in the other room and you can take the call received from the iPad or your Mac. However, this also has its bad side. If you’re not confused and you always have your iPhone on top can be overwhelming receive calls to all your Apple devices. If you do not want this to happen to you Finally we explain how to disable this service.

To deactivate the service “duplicate calls” you only have to go to Settings / General / Handoff and suggested applications. You can also activate the service by going to Settings / FaceTime.


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