25 Reasons Tell You Why the iPhone 6 is Better than the Galaxy S5

As usual, with the release of each new generation of fans of Apple iPhone and Samsung start a war to prove who is the best smartphone and obviously the arrival of the new iPhone 6 would not be less. It is likely that many already have their own opinion and this may depend a lot on whether you like Apple or Android. Here we see the 25 reasons why the Apple iPhone 6 is better than the Samsung Galaxy S5.

To help users get an idea about the advantages of the new high-end device from Apple against Samsung, people PhoneBuff has published an interesting video that shows 25 reasons why the iPhone 6 is better than the Galaxy S5. Then watch the video before we leave you with some of the 25 reasons why Apple’s device is better than the Samsung.

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iPhone 6 VS Samsung Galaxy s5

Image Credit:.Technomag.co.zw

Why the iPhone 6 is better than the Galaxy S5?

  1. It is constructed of metal and comes with a Start button made ​​sapphire crystal.
  2. It is smaller than the Galaxy S5 in size so it fits the hand more easily.
  3. Includes the App Store, Apple App Store, which has many more uses than the Play Store.
  4. The iPhone 6 can install applications from Apple, as well as Google.
  5. The iPhone 6 comes with a reversible Lightning connector, allowing us to connect in any position.
  6. Another advantage of the iPhone 6 is that connecting great videos or files to a message, the phone automatically compressed before sending. If you try to do the same in a Galaxy S5 will see an error message.
  7. IPhones have a resale value greater than line devices Galaxy S.
  8. It can take pictures much faster than the Galaxy S5.
  9. LED Flash available on the back of the iPhone 6 allow you to take better pictures compared to the Galaxy S5 LED Flash.
  10. The new Apple iPhone 6 provides a stronger and better sound quality than the Galaxy S5, which allows watching videos and listening to music is a much more enjoyable experience.
  11. Apple Pay allows users to shop online or in retail stores more easily.
  12. When connecting via Bluetooth on the top bar shows the battery level of the other device.
  13. Guided Access disables the operation of other buttons until it turns off.
  14. The Apple device is capable of recording videos in Slow motion mode.
  15. It supports a larger number of LTE networks from other devices.
  16. It supports the new feature Family or Family Sharing which allows share purchases made in iBooks, iTunes or App Store with up to six family members.

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Know more see all the 25 reasons why the iPhone 6 is better than Galaxy S5, you can’s miss this video.

Resource from: http://www.todoiphone.net/25-razones-iphone-6-mejor-galaxy-s5/

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