iOS 8: What’s new, who gets it and what users need to consider before updating

For the launch of iOS 8 on September 17, not all the features announced in June will be available. Among other messages can not be as promised synchronized across all Apple devices in real time. But, users can look forward immediately on the new keyboard, the new health app and many minor improvements. We have put together, what new iOS 8 brings and what users should do before the update.

More comfort also offers the “Notification Center”. The user receives a text message, for example, while he is surfing the Internet, it can respond to the message, without having to close the browser. With a finger swipe the Notification Center can simply pull down from the top of the screen, open the message and reply.

What's New in iOS 8

What’s New in iOS 8

More options for messages

With Apple’s news app can be from 8 iOS audio and video messages to send. The feature is called “Tap to Talk” and opens a circular function menu on the right edge of news app. The user can choose whether they want a text chat add movies or sounds.

New audio messages can be played back by simply holding the iPhone to your ear, it does not need to be unlocked. Similarly, responses can be eingesprochen immediately; they are sent automatically when the user takes away the iPhone from the head. In Group News Contacts can now be added or removed, also let a “do not disturb” option enabled.

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Search better and find faster

The multitasking interface remains accessible even with iOS 8 with twice pressing the Home button. However, the user sees the top of other apps now profile pictures of people with whom he last spoke and contact favorites. A tip on one of the contacts is sufficient to call him or write him a text.

Improves has Apple in iOS also search: “Spotlight” now searches no longer just the iPhone or iPad, but also shows results from the Internet, such as news or sites suitable places near or books, products and apps from the Store.

Improved WiFi and hotspot options

Are iPhone, iPad and Mac in the same WLAN, you can also be accepted with the iPad or the Mac to the iPhone incoming calls. This can be useful if the user does not hear his phone ringing, because it is in the next room or deeply inserted in the backpack. This all works automatically, without any special configuration.

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The Health in view

New on board in iOS 8, the Health App: It transmits data such as heart rate, calories burned, or blood sugar of various health and fitness Apps devices of the user together – provided his consent. If he wants, he should this data can also share about the app with doctors or clinics.

Just share as a family iTunes purchases

 Still a little patience need also users in the “family share”. It provides the creation of shared family photo streams and calendar so that everyone is kept in the family up to date. In addition, family members questioned upcoming iTunes, iBooks- or App Browse and Download Store purchases – up to six family members can participate so long as they have their own Apple ID. You should “be available soon” be.

iOS 8 is compatible with:

iPhone 4s (not all features) 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

iPad 2 (not all functions), iPad (3rd generation), iPad (4th generation), iPad Air, iPad mini and iPad Mini with Retina Display

iPod touch (5th generation)

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