Top 5 Tips to Take Best Photos with iPhone Camera – Part 2

We had talked about the first two tips of taking best photos with iPhone camera yesterday, and today we will continue our topic. Let’s get it started!

Seize the “Panorama Mode”

Ask panoramic photographs can serve not only to get great photos of landscapes or landmarks. It can help photographing tall buildings or as seen in Apple ads, take a picture of a different group. To make this kind of photos, simply open the Camera app and swipe the screen to the Pano option.

Seize the "Panorama Mode"

Seize the “Panorama Mode”

When we enabled this option will see how the appearance of the camera changes. Now you can press the button to make the picture and start moving the iPhone in the direction says. We can also turn the iPhone horizontally and make panoramic tall buildings, trees or anything that stands out for its high photos.

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Use the burst mode of the iPhone for the action scenes

While burst mode is only available on the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5 is also capable of taking images very quickly. This feature can help in scenes that need a touch of speed. For example, imagine a race car or motorcycle, ideally taking pictures all follow the direction of the object to be photographed.

Use the burst mode of the iPhone for the action scenes

Use the burst mode of the iPhone for the action scenes

To make this “burst” of photos just need to keep pressing the button to take pictures on the screen or the volume button. When you want to stop, just stop pressing and see the flurry of images that you have taken and you can choose the ones you like.

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Add effects with filters

Personally I do not like this, but the truth is that it is almost as fashionable as the selfies. Add effects to images to make them look older, or more modern “vintage” is very easy on the iPhone. Just need to enter the Camera application and click on the three circles we have in the lower left of the screen.

Add effects with filters

Add effects with filters

This way you can make a preview so how would the images with these effects. Both myself and fellow OS X Daily, I highly recommend black and white mode, as one of the few that can give you a truly professional result.

Besides all this, perhaps after taking photos you judge that you need to give a little retouching. For this we recommend some applications that work for both iPad and iPhone. I usually use applications VSCO Cam, Aviary Photo Editor, Camera + or simply touch the option “Self Improvement” from the Photos application.

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