Top 5 Tips to Take Best Photos with iPhone Camera – Part 1

  • Some tips that you can take better photos with your iPhone.
  • Be patient and take your time to do the photos.
  • Activate the grid and follows the rule of thirds.

Top 5 Tips to make your photos with the iPhone are better

iPhone iSight Camera

iPhone iSight Camera

Many iPhone users have at their sole camera when they travel or if you need to take some specific photos. Even some professionals use this device to shoot commercials, movies or even do photo shoots. If they use it, why not you? With these tips, your photos made ​​with iPhone will be much better.

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The main secret of photography, which I at least going very well, is slowly taking pictures, first imagining the perspective in your head, and taking wireless to the ideal image we have created. The next thing I do is look for on the possible straight lines gives me the landscape, roads, buildings, skyline or whatever, everything goes well to frame the picture.

Finally, another trick that I use is to make several photos. The reason is that we can not adjust aperture settings, and other light gathering, the photo will vary slightly tonality and exposure, so we can choose between two or three shots to see which is better. I would be surprised you the very different images that can be achieved.

Besides these, here are five tricks to get a much better picture with your iPhone, you have an 8MP camera iPhone 5s or iPhone 4 or 4S. Often the expertise matters more the camera, comprobaréis after trying these simple tricks. We hope you may tell us the impressions conseguis using any of these tips.

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Improving composition with Grid

Adjust the focus with lock

Adjust the focus with lock

Photographs should always follow a rule set called “Rule of Thirds”. This rule states that a third of the image should correspond to heaven, the other to the bottom and over the floor. It is often tricky to get, but with Grid, can resultarnos easier.

To activate just have to go to the Settings app and go into the Photos and Camera option. Once here we will see the Grid option and we will have a tap on.

An additional tip is that conformed some important details such as eyes, objects or structures at intersections of the grid lines. For some strange reason we started looking at the pictures at the bottom left, so Seize these theories to achieve better results.

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Adjust the focus with lock

I have spoken before of exposure or the amount of light that enters the camera, which affects the image tone and approach. In native iPhone application can not manipulate our taste, but we can block these parameters so that the images stay with the same tone and approach.

To achieve this you only have to press on the object you want to photograph on the iPhone screen and hold until set “AE / AF Block”. Once done, the iPhone will stop auto-focusing and continuously adjust exposure, something that catches will be positive for some, but for others negative.

Today we just list first two tips of taking best photos with iPhone Camera, we will continue our topic and offer another 3 tips, stay tuned!

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