How to Prevent WhatsApp Closing Unexpectedly in iOS 8


  • An incompatibility between WhatsApp and iOS Beta 8 causes the app to close unexpectedly.
  • You can not avoid writing certain words that combine consonants.

WhatsApp does not work well in iOS 8 Beta 1 will teach solve

On 2 June at the WWDC Cupertino officially showed to be the next version of the operating system for mobile devices. Tim Cook and Apple team had officially named it iOS 8.

That day he said that the official version would be released in the fall, but did not specify what particular day was going to be, so we must be more than just outstanding news arising around this.

Until then, what we do will be putting Apple made ​​available to developers of iOS 8 beta 1 and can go to work in your applications, compatibility with the new version and of course the entire operating system to work properly.

How to Prevent WhatsApp Closing Unexpectedly in iOS 8

How to Prevent WhatsApp Closing Unexpectedly in iOS 8

The beta 1 of iOS 8 is a trial version and has bugs

 The problem is that this version is that Apple has released a test version, and may have many faults, so that your installation time is not recommended. One affects WhatsApp. A lot of users have encountered that WhatsApp closed unexpectedly and left them with half the conversation.

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One trick to keep WhatsApp from closing is to avoid certain words

Until WhatsApp launch an update to correct this bug compatibility with iOS 8, all those using the application and have beta1 installed will have to be a little careful with the words they use to avoid systematic application termination.

Specifically, you should avoid words with the combination of “ff” and “fl” in the same word. In Castilian den may be harder these writings, but certainly there is a word we use that contains these lyrics and causes the application to close.

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As we say, this is something provisional, since the update of WhatsApp not take long to solve these problems. One tip is given from iPhone Italia replace some letters with an asterisk, and thus prevent the application quits. Something more complicated is when we are in a group, because you have to warn them to avoid this trick all the members have to re-open the application.

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