iOS 8 will Allow Us Recover Photos Deleted by Mistake Easily

The beta 1 of iOS 8 continues to give us joy in the form of new possibilities for our iPhone and iPad.

Be possible to recover deleted photos from iPhone or iPad in a very simple way.

iOS 8 includes the “Recently Deleted” in the Photos app

Now we have been told many times that the iPhone can be a great camera. However, sometimes we make the mistake of deleting that picture that we don’t mean to. Given this we can only recover a backup or re-do it, but with iOS 8 we can easily retrieve it.

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In my articles about photography I usually always advise you to do multiple photos at a time, the reasons are because they can not control exposure, the photo may be different from above. Of course, then we have to choose the best and can make mistakes and delete that picture that we just loved.

iOS 8 will Allow Us Recover Photos Deleted by Mistake Easily

iOS 8 will Allow Us Recover Photos Deleted by Mistake Easily

At that critical moment is where caution will appear with Dropbox backup in iTunes and on your computer. A bird in the hand is flying the Spanish proverb says, but there are people who do this and end up losing your photos. Apparently iOS in August there will be no such problem.

As we have seen in the iOS Beta 1 of 8, when we delete some images stay for a while on a new album called “recently deleted photos.” Thus, if we repent, we can always go to that album and restore. Much easier than before, but with the disadvantage that the photos you do not want them to look, are also visible.

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“Recently Added” is Also Included

 The version included in beta 1 of iOS 8 also includes a new option called “Recently Added” to give it a little more order to the spool which is usually a bit chaotic. The truth is that it was totally necessary as it had been a bit simple.

While there are many apps to sort our photos in the way that we like, personally prefer to use native applications as much as I can. The reasons are that the integration with the system and other apps from Apple is much better than in any other application.

Therefore, most people are very happy that iOS app to bring eight new features and enhancements photos in general. However all is not yet done and from Cupertino know that there is still work to do. Perhaps in subsequent betas we can see new and more powerful upgrades.

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However, as we say from Redmond Pie, we are in favor of this small but very useful improvement and we want to see how this continues the way native app. Hopefully soon we can decide that we want to completely eliminate photos and what not. This is not possible, the improvement will not be if there is a delay.

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