How to Transfer Contacts from Computer to iPhone?

Nowadays you have surrendered against novelty and have decided to disburse the money to buy a shiny new iPhone. The phone that “does it all” will simplify your digital life. Apple fans are aware of the technical simplicity of plug-and-sync interface, but it is for those users own Mac. But if your life is based on your PC, you’ll see that things work a little different.

Therefore, here is post about how to transfer contacts from computer to iPhone, with its help you can easily sync contacts from computer to iPhone.

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How to Transfer Contacts from Computer to iPhone

Step 1: Download iTunes if you have not got, and that ‘s all you’ll need to activate your iPhone. Remember that when it comes to the iPhone, beyond the device itself, the iTunes is your best friend. Most synchronization features that are designed for iPhone will work automatically, even if you are using a PC.

Step 2. Plug in your USB 2.0 cable and charging station (included in the iPhone) to your computer. Put your iPhone in the charging station and iTunes should start automatically in recognition.

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Step 3: Click the logo of iPhone in the left side of iTunes (if you have not already set up your phone, you must do before anything else). You will be taken to a window that will give you an overview of your phone and has some tabs at the top of the window, among which is “Contacts”.

How to Transfer Contacts from Computer to iPhone

How to Transfer Contacts from Computer to iPhone

Step 4: Click the “Contacts ” tab and select which contacts to sync with your phone. You will need to choose which program to synchronize. Mac users may want to use the Address Book or Entourage. PC users should use ” Microsoft Outlook ” or ” Outlook Express “.

Step 5: Click the “Sync ” button at the bottom of the panel “Contacts”. Synchronization status is visible in the middle of the screen. Do not remove the iPhone from the charger until the synchronization is complete.

Step 6: Take your iPhone by clicking the “Eject” button next to the logo of your iPhone in the left margin. Do not remove the phone without ejecting it. Failure to expulsion can turn into data loss.

Step 7: Check the contacts on your iPhone. The new you have downloaded should be there.

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