6 Tips to Extend Battery Life on iPhone 5

Almost all iPhone users love the new iPhone 5, but there is something eternal is always a complaint in the limited battery life of these devices. Many users who use their iPhone 5 so constantly have this type of complaint, become the first iPhone that should be loading all day, instead of recharged at night to be ready for next day use. Having to always be aware of a place to put a load is not pleasant, so we are going to offer some tips that really help reduce the amount of energy needed by the smartphone throughout the day.

As you will see, we will have some disadvantages of these optimizations, and you must be you that you judge if you increase the life compensates the bacteria using them. As needs not be the same for all, it is your job to mix and match the tips to get the perfect balance between battery consumption and your use of the terminal.

6 Tips to Extend Battery Life on iPhone 5

6 Tips to Extend Battery Life on iPhone 5

1 – Lower the screen brightness and disable Auto-Adjust

Lower the intensity level of the screen and disable auto-tuning can make a big difference. Note that the screen brightness spends a large part of the energy of our battery.

We recommend you do the following:

Open settings and go to “Brightness and Wallpaper.”

Adjust the bar to find sufficient brightness to be able to see properly.

Disable the “Auto Brightness” option.

True, this setting makes us more difficult to see the screen when you’re on the outside, but is a small price to pay to extend the life of our battery. This small change can easily increase between one and two hours the life of our iPhone.

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2 – Turn off the LTE connection

One of the criticisms launched at Apple, was because he had not adopted LTE before. The battery life is the main reason was immediate. Although the iPhone 5 has the best battery market in terms of LTE devices exist, it is not enough. So if you do not use excessive LTE, unset and your battery will thank you.

To do this, go to Settings> General> Phone> Off LTE.

For lovers of consumption data, this is a serious problem. The use of LTE networks is one of the things that make the iPhone a great phone. Unfortunately, the use of LTE networks is a devastating consumption for the life of our battery. Another option would be to disable the use of LTE and activate when needed, but be ye with us that is a somewhat cumbersome process.

3 – Disable unnecessary services location

The GPS uses some battery, and currently have on many iPhone applications that use this service for several reasons. Therefore, whenever we use an application that uses the GPS, we are undermining the life of our battery. For this reason, it is logical to disable those services where the use of the location is not necessary (basically only time we leave, Maps, Google Maps and Find my iPhone).

Go to Settings> Privacy> Location and turn off all unnecessary services.

Another more radical option is to completely disable the use of GPS in the iPhone, but if you need to use such useful applications such as Maps, would not work properly.

4 – Disable unnecessary use of mobile data

No, we are not completely turning off mobile data (although that would help, turn the phone into a less useful device), what we are doing is to disable mobile data usage for applications that are not necessary, such as updating documents iCloud information from iTunes, FaceTime, Passbook updates and Reading List between devices.

Go to Settings> General> Phone and turn off “mobile data use”.

This setting means that none of these services will use mobile data, and expect to be under a WiFi network to update. This means less use of the phone modem, which will help us increase our battery life.

5 – Disable Push Mail and set it to manual

This means that your iPhone will no longer check for yourself if there are new emails, ie, if we know if we have new emails, we run the application and update its content by ourselves.

Go to Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendar> Fetch New Data and Disable “Push”.

In the same settings menu, go to “get” and select “manually”.

For those who need to have fully updated our email inbox is not a viable option. One option would be to disable Push, but keep an option for a more aggressive setting for new messages. If you can afford the luxury of waiting to update your inbox, the “manual” option will help us to have a greater impact on the lives of our phone.

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6 – Disable the Bluetooth

Who uses Bluetooth all the time? Almost no one, so make sure you disable it whenever you ‘re not using the headset or keyboard, for example. Otherwise, the broadcast signal of Bluetooth and search for new devices available, even where none exists nearby, dramatically decrease our level of battery.

Go to Settings> Bluetooth and turn it off.

Fortunately, this option is not buried in the settings, so it’s not too much trouble as activate and deactivate either we needed.

Yes, there are a lot of other tips to increase the life of our battery, but in the end the six years we have offered are going to do there is a big difference without assuming a large variation in our personal settings as well point from OS X Daily.

Some of the tips we have reflected on this list are only compatible with the latest version of Apple’s smartphone, such as adjusting the LTE connectivity. Still, the vast majorities are compatible with all types of iPhone and even the iPad or iPod touch.

Any other tips or trips about extending iPhone 5’s battery life are warmly welcomed!

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